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Elegantly connect your carrier to your agents and insureds.

Go Grellow for your company by switching to [dot] Expert, a flexible yet easy-to-use system that enables you to manage all aspects of a policy’s lifecycle.

The core components.

Mutual Expert seamlessly integrates all facets of a carrier’s insurance operation within an easy-to-use, Web-based solution.



Gain complete control and flexibility over your policy rating, underwriting and management.

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Improve your customer satisfaction with faster claims processing and easier access for both agents and insureds.

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Streamlines your routine process while reducing your operational costs through automation and batch processing.

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Take advantage of a comprehensive report library that displays the data you need from all aspects of your business.

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  • [dot]Intgrations

    Expand your ecosystem with integrations

    By taking advantage of third-party integrations, you can enhance your business processes and further streamline many of your routine tasks.

  • [dot]Calculator

    Gain technology that works for you

    With direct access to the settings, you can configure and automate many of your routine processes at your own discretion.

  • [dot]Cloud

    Take your business to the cloud

    Get the performance, security, and backups that you can depend on with the Mutual Expert hosted solution through Microsoft Azure.

Support from your peers.

With an extensive background in the insurance industry, the Mutual Expert support team is uniquely positioned to provide an exceptional level of assistance.


Get the data you and your reinsurers need

The extensive report library, including built-in report writer, gives you quick and easy access to the data most critical for your business.


Expedite your claims processing

By allowing your agents and insureds to submit a first notice of loss online, you can start processing claims quicker for an improved customer experience.


Control your office workflow

You can implement automatic work assignments and straight-through-processing to expedite your underwriting process.


Go Grellow with Mutual Expert's [dot] Expert

Built using the latest technologies and informed by our extensive industry experience, Mutual Expert’s [dot] Expert is a powerful yet elegant solution that integrates all facets of your insurance operation.

See how Mutual Expert can help you take care of the rest of your company's ecosystem.



Go Grellow for your agents by giving them full quote, bind, and endorsement functionality as determined by the rules and permissions you set.



Go Grellow for your insureds by providing them direct access to their account where they can view information concerning their coverage, bills, and losses.