Our Story


For insurance companies, Mutual Expert develops a fully-integrated policy administration ecosystem that utilizes the latest technologies while being informed by extensive industry experience.

Since 1985, Mutual Expert has been creating the software solutions and providing the customer support that helps insurance companies grow and retain their business. Mutual Expert’s latest innovation is [dot] Expert, a cloud-based platform that is a powerful yet elegant solution that integrates all facets of an insurance operation.

Mutual Expert is a product of ECCA, headquartered in Erie, PA.

Our History

The DOS Era


A local mutual insurance company approached ECCA to develop a computer program that could record policy premium.


The still-nameless insurance system’s functionality expanded to include policy and invoice printing as well as claims reporting.

Accountants that specialized in the insurance industry were brought in to provide guidance on proper insurance reporting and data gathering techniques.

The user base expanded to several more mutual insurance companies.


The nameless system was officially designated the Mutual Insurance Company System, or M.I.C.S. for short.

The system expanded to include quoting of Homeowners, Mobile Homeowners, and Dwelling Fire lines of business.


Most companies were on agency-billing at the time, so a receivables module was not yet incorporated into the system.

Dec pages and invoices were printed on pre-printed, 5 carbon layer copies.


As agency billing began to fall out of favor, most development was spent on receivables, direct billing, and refunds.


Work on check printing and commissions began.


A major update was released that integrated the rating and policy processing features. This update was designated M.I.C.S. 2.0.

The new update was designed to run on the BBX platform, allowing the software to run on personal computers.

The Desktop Era


Exploratory work began on the successor to M.I.C.S. The project was code named "Hercules."


Development began on the new Windows-based system. The software was named Mutual Expert.


Mutual Expert desktop system is officially launched.


A Web-based agency portal was created. This initially supported Homeowners and Mobile Homeowners lines of business.


Dwelling Fire, Farm Owners, and Farm Fire rating was added to the agency Web portal.

The Cloud Era


Work began on an all new Web-based policy management system. This project was code named "Spidey."


While work continued on the new cloud version, Commercial Fire, Commercial Liability, and Commercial Package Policies were added to the desktop version's agency Web portal.


The Web-based rewrite of Mutual Expert launches as [dot] Expert.


Built using the latest technologies and informed by our extensive industry experience, Mutual Expert’s [dot] Expert is a powerful yet elegant solution that integrates all facets of your insurance operation.