About Mutual Expert

For insurance companies, Mutual Expert develops a fully-integrated policy administration ecosystem that utilizes the latest technologies while being informed by extensive industry experience.

Since 1985, Mutual Expert has been creating the software solutions and providing the customer support that helps insurance companies grow and retain their business. Mutual Expert’s latest innovation is [dot] Expert, a cloud-based platform that is a powerful yet elegant solution that integrates all facets of an insurance operation.

Mutual Expert is a product of ECCA, headquartered in Erie, PA.

About [dot] Expert

Mutual Expert’s [dot] Expert is available as a hosted solution, with the URL being your-company-name.mutual.expert. When you are at your [dot] Expert site, the name of the product will be, rather cleverly, hiding in plain sight, tucked away in the browser’s address bar.

But there is more to it than that. If you look at the address again, you will see your company’s name comes first.

For us, that is what is important - that when you go to your [dot] Expert, your company gets top billing, with Mutual Expert right behind you providing the software and support you need to retain and grow your business.


Go Grellow with Mutual Expert's [dot] Expert

Go Grellow to empower your company with the innovative software and ongoing support necessary to grow your business in a sustainable way.